Uniquely British, Criminally Good.

We were told it was impossible. We were told “there are rules and traditions” we needed to follow. We were told we would have to compromise. We ignored it all and not only is our pizza the best in town, it’s made with British ingredients! We scoured the UK for some of the most incredible produce and ingredients and are proud to bring you our carefully curated opening menu.

Every pizza starts with a base and we spent almost a year tweaking and trialling flours, hydration points and proofing times to develop and perfect our very own dough, which is made fresh in-house every day. Trust us, the days of leaving your crusts are over! Not forgetting as well, our signature tomato pizza sauce which, with it’s perfect blend of varieties, is enough of a topping on it’s own and not a tin in sight!

An exciting new concept in pizza

Championing the finest produce in the UK

Taste the unique heist pizza experience

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